Mobile Auditing

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Convert your forms

Convert your PDF, Excel or Word inspection form into Ready-to-use inspection template.

Choose a template

Choose from Pre-defined templates created by industry experts. Customise templates as per your requirement.

Create a new template

Create your own template from scratch. Create your own inspection areas, questions and including checkboxes, and multiple-choice responses and options etc.

Simple, effortless, and automated interface

Pre-defined checklists and forms for the users. Ability to choose specific areas and questions from the library. Simple and Intuitive interface with elevated level of automation for fast launch.

Attach, Geocode, Submit

Upload geocoded images directly from the camera with ratings, time-taken, observations & actions.


Assign ratings on a 5-point scale based on compliance and performance.

Easy Navigation

Group related questions into different areas, use color-coded response buttons for fast audits

Minimize errors

Add comments for each question. Find issues and create your action lists.

Create your own checklists

Start with one of our templates and create your own checklist using our simple and intuitive interface.

Be you own builder

Create your own checklist with a pre-defined template or from scratch. Go to the Admin portal and select / deselect questions and survey pointers to build one.

Let us build it for you

Provide your current checklist in any format and we will build it for you, at no cost.

Plan, schedule, review

Enhance your team accountability and get visibility on the performance and compliance across sites / stores.

Plan & assign

Schedule and assign inspections to multiple users and by locations.

Track audits

Keep track of completed and in-progress audits along with action items, approvals and rejections.

Other great features of SAKKSH

1. Reports & Insights

Powerful insights on process compliance across sites. Quantitative assessment based on ratings across stores for healthy competition and higher sales.

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2. Role-Based Access controlled access to sites and Audits

Access rights based on user role. Restrict access to sites and audits by user.

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3. Issues & Actions

Action & Issues tracking across sites for prompt closure and better customer experience

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