An audit is a review of basic facility inspection procedures to ensure that everything is in working order. They are critical for facility safety and monitoring in all types of enterprises. These audits are designed to keep track of occupational safety requirements and notify any problems to take urgent action. Multiple sets of checklists are used in these audits, which cover all main aspects of facility management.

SAKKSH is a 360° platform for auditing, inspections, and real-time insights. Unlimited number of surveys, minimal paperwork with Quality Standards, Compliance, and Transparency.

Our objective is to use innovative, low-cost mobile-first products to assist organizations in achieving safer and higher-quality workplaces worldwide.

It should just take a few minutes to set up your firm and use one of our many audit templates with Sakksh.

With Sakksh quality, safety, and standards will be monitored throughout your company's operations:

  • Internal audits, Self-inspections, and Compliance checklists.
  • Brand standards, Quality control.
  • Risk evaluations, Health, and Safety.
  • Measures to safeguard Covid-19
  • Retail and Manufacturing Industry Checklist.
  • ISO standards for quality and safety.

Yes, we store all of our data on secure servers, with 256-bit encryption of passwords.

Empower your teams to work together more successfully to achieve common goals. Create unique workflows and standardized procedures across all sites so that everyone understands what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. This can be done by:

  • Assigning follow-up tasks to the appropriate individuals.
  • Reports, reminders, and escalation workflows
  • Schedule audits and implement new procedures.

Sakksh is a platform for inspection, issue capturing, and corrective action. Conduct inspections, identify issues and work collaboratively to fix issues.

You'll get 15 days to look around Sakksh, create your organization, and product audits. You can conduct as many audits as you want and add users to try out the system.

If you are satisfied with the product, you may sign up; however, if you require additional time or are unable to locate a feature that you require, please contact us through email, phone, or chat and we will be pleased to speak with you further.

We will assign an experienced person from our team as the single point of contact to work with your team during the initial setup and onboarding process.

Our team can help you in getting started with the product and work with you to address any gaps.

We do have a great partnership program.

You can contact us via mail, phone, or chat and we are always happy to serve you.

Presently we only support English but more language support is to come, so stay in touch for updates.

  • On Android and iOS, Sakksh is accessible as a mobile app.
  • The platform can also be accessed through a browser on
  • We recommend using Chrome as the browser to access the system through a browser.

Sakksh Audit reports are available immediately for viewing and analysis. As soon as the user completes and submits the audit, an email and SMS is triggered automatically by the system. All the recipients as defined in the system get the email and SMS with a report link. On clicking the link, the user can see the detailed audit report.

These notifications would soon be available on WhatsApp too.

No, all you have to pay is the subscription fee per month, and we'll help you set up your audits. Please contact our team if you require a dedicated account manager or further training, and we will be happy to address your needs.

At present, all pricing is done on a Monthly or Annual basis only.

Yes, the questions can be completely customized. You can create your own questions and set up own templates too.

Yes, the data is yours to keep, and you'll be able to download pdf, Excel or CSV reports.

We are available 24/7 and often respond to all inquiries within one hour.

You have complete freedom to construct as many forms and checklists as you like.

Yes, You are supposed to assign or delete access to checklists and sites by user. You can restrict users' access to checklists.

If something unexpected occurs while using Sakksh, you can either look for an answer in our extensive Help Center or contact us via email, phone, or chat and we'll be happy to understand the issue and address those issues.

Yes, the software can be installed on as many devices as you like. Simply go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and download the app. You will, however, require a license to use the software. We'd be pleased to talk more with you via email, phone, or live chat.

Certainly, we can help you create your checklists on Sakksh.

We at Sakksh are continually searching for ways to improve our services. If you have any suggestions that you believe may assist our many clients, please let us know.