Issues and Actions

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Action items and Tracking

Post each inspection, identify issues, and assign actions to specific team members. Track the completion of action items along with days taken to implement actions.

Enhance Accountability

The user receives notification for the assigned actions, with priority and due date. Helps in ensuring better accountability.

Improve Communication

The user provides details of the action taken, whether completed or in-progress and can request for more information or time.

Track actions

Keep a record of every action, sort either by assignee, site or status and identify what areas need focus.

Better Together

Each action has a traceable timeline, where your team members can provide information for the action-taken to keep everyone on the same page.

Connect with Right People

Assign tasks, define report distribution and approvals, to connect with the right people at the right time.

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Automated emails, notifications, and reminders, sent to users and approvers, with an instant access to audit reports, actions, and issues.

Schedule and Review

Schedule audits, review performance and actions taken on the dashboard, to be aware of everything that needs correction.

Ratings and Scorecards

Ratings available at query level across multiple sites / stores in a dashboard.

Insights and Dashboard

Easily spot issues, actions and failed items, comparative analysis and instantly access reports to escalate performance.

Other great features of SAKKSH

1. Mobile Auditing

Real-time inspections anywhere, anytime with Geo-tagged images, observations, issues, and actions.

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2. Reports & Insights

Powerful insights on process compliance across sites. Quantitative assessment based on ratings across stores for healthy competition and higher sales.

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3. Role-Based Access controlled access to sites and Audits

Access rights based on user role. Restrict access to sites and audits by user.

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